Sexual activity of men who love men with "sex through the back door" can say that it's really satisfying and thrilling. Because that point is full of nerves that make us especially sensitive to touch, making it quick to reach the top. The important thing is that the sensitivity must come with safety too. Otherwise, you may be at risk for STDs. Today I will take everyone to know about anal abscess, purulent abscess caused by anal infection. will look what it is Let's find answers together.

Get to know Anorectal Abscess
Anal abscess occurs when there is a purulent infection around the anus. This causes the patient to feel pain and fever. Some patients may feel severe pain in the anal area. cannot be healed permanently unless treated by surgery Therefore, if you know you have an anal abscess, consult a doctor or specialist for proper and appropriate treatment.

Is anal sex really the cause of anal abscess?
Anal sex plays a part in the development of abscesses, but anal abscesses can also be caused by a number of other factors, including:

- inflammatory bowel disease
- diabetes
- impaired immune system HIV infection (Human Immunodeficiency Virus ; HIV)
- Side effects from medications such as Prednisone or other steroid medications
- Side effects of chemotherapy treatment (Chemotherapy)
- Constipation
- diarrhea

A toddler with a sphincter tear and frequent constipation. There is a high risk of developing an anal abscess as well.

My butt hurts. Is it a symptom of an anal abscess?
If you feel constant pain in your buttocks and even more pain when sitting or defecation That could be a sign that you have an abscess in your buttocks. including other symptoms together with the following

- Constipation
- During defecation, there will be blood.
- Swelling and redness around the anus
- Feeling tired, weak
- Chills, fever
- difficulty urinating

Methods of treatment and prevention
Anal abscesses only need treatment to heal. The treatment is divided into two types as follows:

cut out the pus
Your doctor will inject an anesthetic at the infected area to relieve pain. Then use a knife to cut the abscess to drain the pus out.

If the abscess is very large The surgeon will perform surgery by removing the pus without the need for stitches. leave the wound open The skin will heal itself. In the case of patients with diabetes or immunodeficiency You may need to stay in the hospital for a few more days after the surgery to see if there are any complications. along with taking antibiotics to prevent infection After surgery, your doctor will recommend that you take a warm bath or sit in warm water. to reduce swelling of the abscess

How are you? For articles to be deposited today. You can also prevent anal abscess. Caused by sex by wearing a condom every time before having sex and keep it clean regularly for our own good health

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