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    Arrow How does it look? he doesn't suit me Know before the relationship ends badly

    If you are looking for someone to become a serious lover. The first thing you should do before you make a decision is to get together before giving the status of a boyfriend or lover. To make you explore whether that person would be a good match for a lover or not? To make this relationship more beautiful and not cause problems in the future.

    1. severely contradictory lifestyle
    If lifestyles are just a little mismatched, it shouldn't be a problem. But if too much becomes a strong opposite, for example, another person likes to stay at home on vacation. don't like chaos don't like socializing But others like to do outdoor activities. Likes to travel and hang out with a lot of people. very social which in the beginning may try to tune into each other But over time, I believe that there must be a difference in this matter. So if the difference is too much, it means that he and I may not be a good match. But it's probably good enough to be friends.

    2. Many behaviors are unacceptable
    Subjects of personal behavior can also be judged. Especially if the first days that we started getting to know each other The other party has undesirable behaviour. Or having a habit that the other person doesn't like very much can become a bad feeling that is almost impossible to connect Or if you still give the opportunity to continue but that person is still the same. do behaviors you don't like In this way, just stopping the relationship with just friends should be enough.

    3. Seeing future problems
    For some people, dating only lasts for a few days. May be able to see the problems that have become common in the future, such as dating someone who has a habit of controlling or has a habit of threatening Ask a very personal question. including the onset of jealousy from the first day that just look at each other These habits are a problem that may cause more suffering in the future for sure. which if you have to meet people like this Should hurry to end the relationship as soon as possible.

    If you are faced with people who have completely different ideas. and make you see problems in the future That will cause any quarrels or problems, you should not be considerate or feel pity and develop a relationship to become lovers. Because it will create more problems and suffering for you. Moreover, the subject matter of opinion is completely different. Whether it is politics, government, religion and business stories. It is another danger that you should not ignore. If the person you are watching has an extreme view of these things. want you to think the same You should consider carefully. Because in the future may cause you to face major problems for sure.

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    That's why it's important to take your time when deciding on a relationship. It's like when playing fleeing the complex, you need to choose the correct tools to help Henry escape from prison



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