Genshin Impact, a fan of boiling games, was deceived? Behind the leaked information, the leaker war (Part 2)

miHoYo is in the community trend and embedded with the players.
The current that began to fade after the rerun of the character in a row until the main content Nothing moves much. In addition, in terms of the game system, the characters that the players start to become clogged with content, the kind that log-in and then leave the ดาวน์โหลดjoker game. As long as the days come, miHoYo begins to know the trend is fading gradually, probably because of slow things like There are no competitors to motivate miHoYo, so there is no weapon. Outside of the drama, the great scene from Leak, the great war series, Leaker VS Official that curry people around the world. Awaken the flow for people to play with excitement. and looking forward to their next work miHoYo

miHoYo has been working with Leak since Honkai Impact 3.
Some players still think that Honkai and Genshin Impact are separate teams and compete. The work began to be nothing like Honkai because of the larger team. and a wider player market but in fact The policy is also heavily regulated. from the management as well They have no way of letting go or neglect. Against the distant future, Genshin, of course, only they executed a profound strategy. and more complicated

to deal with the expanding problem with the player base And finally, every game in the group is miHoYo !! that still maintains the management that they used to work To cooperate with Leaker secretly because it is unacceptable according to global principles. But it has always worked out well in terms of revenue for miHoYo until the old Honkai fans know about the Leak from the Official and are surprised at how miHoYo reacts to the Leak with the current Genshin game.

Liu Wei, the founder and chairman of miHoYo, remains the same.

Leak, one of the mechanisms of Chinese game company
Leak information, in addition to keeping the game flow still. On the other hand, it was always in miHoYo's eyes what the players reacted to. The information released and of course that the test in the eyes of the developer It's not just about playing in Server Beta, it's just the opinions about character design, or in the miHoYo section, want to know more about this as well. Because it reverses the raw and clear data with high efficiency. However, they had no way of accepting. Because it is difficult to accept. which in the fierce Chinese game market They fight each other in every way possible. beyond the players to catch up

A double-edged sword that game companies must bear.
Even the flow of data loss It's going to be the most intense thing a community can have, but game companies have a hard time. with bearing the expectations of the players who know in advance which had higher expectations than usual, and at this point miHoYo often complained of itself.

I will continue to do the same way. Solve the problem of missing data. Continuing every patch, is it possible? For giants like miHoYo
Looking back on the solution In terms of asking for cooperation In the part of refraining from sharing because I do not want to spoil the atmosphere and excitement Anyone who knows that Honkai's leak information that the official releases themselves would probably only narrow their eyes. It does not include that this request for cooperation Many people see it as a solution to the cause and not on point, and if anyone remembers when foreigners waited for Hutao, the official released a curly message saying Who Tao? (Who is Hutao? Players)

This means that the official releases the information themselves in advance. And also know that players want Hutao (but the patch doesn't come) ? Not including Ayaka that miHoYo let people wait until they get bored. In spite of the fact that the company has many measures to shut down the information. such as hiring a full-time employee to test instead of volunteers to reduce the risk of falling or there are many other measures If a giant company will do it and take it seriously.

Leak breath of gaming company (Example from the picture that makes people know YaoYao from the Official that currently hasn't arrived yet)
Now there are Official Leaks themselves, Leaker team working for miHoYo, and small leakers such as Tester who break the NDA contract, stealing the real information. Which in the foreign flow and in China know that Leaker Official exists and always creates a wave for the company.

Leaker Official releases information professionally. and have a schedule
Official leakers will have a fixed release date after the monthly preview patch ends. Because the flow of people playing after knowing the information from waiting for the Patch after Preview will lose the excitement. At that time, the leak information in advance in the next patch will come out as an endless issue.

What will miHoYo do? Does the company benefit?
I have to teach my friends like this. miHoYo is a company that looks wide and far. Plus, they're very good at opening Genshin in the blink of an eye and gaining profits for many more years. Plus, making this game is a multi-platform that eats a big market. So there are various players. Either a heavy line, a little filling, or a long line, which he knows it's impossible. that players will be able to fill every Gacha cabinet, even if the company wants to make a profit

which he understands the nature of the player Therefore, leak information was released, causing people to pick up Primogem bypassing some cabinets, but the ultimate goal is to retain customers in the long term Rather than detaining information from people to know and open the cabinet according to the current Event, which in the end, people will be bored due to waiting for a long update and disappearing from the game. And that's the golden rule that miHoYo doesn't want to happen.