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Thread: I need advice.

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    I need advice.

    My ex filed for divorce in MA and now she wants to deprive me of the opportunity to see our children. She goes to her lover, and says that it would be better if the children have only one father (of course, she is talking about her lover). She is sure that our divorce with her and the fact that I will see the children after it can greatly harm the psyche of our children. And I donít understand what right she has to say that if I'm their father? I'm furious and don't know what to do. Unfortunately, our children are still too young to make any decisions. But if I don't visit them, they will simply forget about me. It is difficult for me to accept the situation and find a way out of it, but maybe you have some advice for me? I will be very grateful!

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    I think that in such a situation, you should turn to the relevant resources to know how to return the divorce process so that you do not stay with nothing, so that you can see your child.
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