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    Mathew Medina FFXI Scammer *Recall specialist* AVOID AVOID!

    Matthew Medina has scammed many over the last 10 years out of thousands of dollars and years of work. His standard operation is to sell a high-end FFXI account, then after 3-24 months recall it back. Leaving the person out of the money they paid and sometimes even worse years of work to advance the character. Here is what we know

    Mathew R Medina information Date of birth September 3, 1990
    State: Missouri
    City: Kansas City (also suburbs - Independence MO, Lees Summit MO)
    10217 E 30th St S
    Independence, MO 64052

    Paypal Email:

    Discord alias: Canibal
    @Canibal so you retrieved a sold account ?

    CanibalYesterday at 10:19 PM
    Yes, I'm that asshole
    Shit rolls down hill i guess you could say.
    FFXIAH.COM link:

    Last known FFXI names/servers:
    Asura.Jaykae Square EnixID: Dr.Green (Recalled numerous times)
    Asura.Takyon (Recalled Hume short Blonde hair with Idris/Epeo/REMA BRD + Smtihing Shield, Taru mule with Alchemy shield, Galka Leather(no shield) Square Enix ID xwanton

    Also Recalls accounts in mothers name: Cheri L. Medina DOB 12/26/62
    Cheri L Medina Phone (816) 795-0873
    DODGE INTREPID 1997 2B3HD46T5VH712587
    FORD ESCORT ZX2 2002 3FAFP11372R189047
    JEEP LIBERTY 4D SPORT 4WD 2006 1J4GL48K76W227818
    MITSUBISHI MONTERO 4D LIMITED 2001 JA4MW51R41J018145 username Clrview
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