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    Mcafee secure trustmark: A smart way to win turns guest into customers

    Nowadays, it is not that easy to win the trust of the guests on your site and turn them into customers. Today, a guest on any e-commerce site does not get consoled just by the attractive offers and aesthetic appeal of any e-commerce site. What holds more importance for him is the authenticity of a particular site and the trust it can build.

    Of late, several cases of malware attacks and security breaches have created an atmosphere of distrust and fear among online buyers. They are apprehensive about sharing their details on any site as they are not fully assured of the site’s security and authenticity. With this atmosphere prevailing, it becomes a tedious task for the e-commerce brands to win the trust of the customers.

    To put an end to this problem, McAfee has launched McAfee Secure product that you can buy by creating a McAfee activate account. McAfee Secure gives a business holder all the features that can help him win trust of the customers and boost his sales. One can visit and create one’s account to purchase this product.

    Our McAfee Secure certification has got the users covered with those features that they need to build trust and boost their sales. McAfee Secure offers its user three plans to choose from viz:

    *Free certification – Through this, you can get your site certified and a free floating trustmark for the first 500 visits on your site. Offers additional features of malware and phishing detection, security alerts, and blacklist monitoring.
    *Certification Pro – A recommended plan that offers its user the floating trustmark for your website for unlimited visits, engagement trustmarks visible at the locations like credit card forms and payment pages where users need more assurance, and google search highlights.
    *Complete Enterprise – Covers all the features of Free Certification and Certification Pro. Vulnerability scanning, PCI compliance, and Breach insurance are the added advantages exclusive to it.Just visit and choose a suitable plan to meet your requirements.

    Ways Big Brands put McAfee Secure to use to boost the sales

    In the highly competitive global e-commerce market today, all the leading brands have a pressure to turn the visitors on their sites into potential customers through winning their trust and showing them the proofs of the authenticity and safety of their sites.
    McAfee Secure product lets them achieve it through a simple McAfee activate account.

    *Footlocker – Headquartered in NY with stores in 27 countries across the globe, this company is a leading online retailer of athletic shoes and apparel.
    *Guess, a very popular online fashion retailer uses the trustmark right above the icons of credit card, to build faith in the secure payment on their site.

    McAfee Secure product is a foolproof way to build trust of customers and increase your sales.
    So, if you own a big e-commerce store and haven’t added a McAfee secure trustmark, just visit and get details of the product by McAfee activate.

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