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    Midrange Hume Spharai COR DNC MNK, Defending Ring, Orvail RoV Complete

    Reg Codes: YES
    Server Xfer is Available
    SE Q&A YES!
    Mercenary Rank: Private First Class
    Zilart: Complete!
    Promathia: Complete!
    Dynamis: All Access!
    ToAU: Complete!
    WotG: Complete!
    Adoulin: Complete!
    Voidwatch: Starter Cities + Zilart Cleared
    Abyssea: Not Started
    Addon (A Crystalline Prophecy): The Echo Awakens
    Addon (A Moogle Kupo d'Etat): A Moogle Kupo d'Etat
    Addon (A Shantotto Ascension): That Which Curdles Blood
    Rhapsodies of Vana'diel: Complete!

    Value in misc. 500k+ in sellables

    Spharai AFTERGLOW 119 AG

    Escha Zi'Tah/Ru'Aun/Reisenjima
    Despair Fin. Gaunt. i119
    Espiritus i119 (Enmity-6, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+30, Pet: Damage Taken -4%)
    Gyve Doublet i119
    Lucidity Sash 99
    Melic Torque 99
    Merlinic Dastanas i119 (Pet: Accuracy+4 Pet: Rng. Acc.+4, Blood Pact Dmg.+8, Pet: Mag. Acc.+15, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+7)
    Navon Crackows i119
    Nibiru Sainti i119
    Relucent Cape 99
    Scintillating Cape 99
    Welkin Crown i119

    A. Voucher: Weapon
    Eletta Knuckles i119
    Hiza. Hizayoroi +2 i119
    Hiza. Sune-Ate +1 i119
    Hizamaru Kote +1 i119
    Hizamaru Ring 99
    Segomo's Mantle 99 (Dex+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Attack+10, "Dbl.Atk."+10, System: 1 Id: 640 Val: 4)
    Senuna's Mantle 99

    Reforged Artifact/Relic/Emp
    Beckoner's Horn +1 i119
    Con. Doublet +1 i119
    Hiza. Haramaki +2 i119
    Hiza. Somen +2 i119

    Sinnister Reign
    Achiuchikapu i119
    Avatara Slops i119
    Umbra Strap 99

    Assid. Pants +1 i119
    Nourish. Earring +1 99
    Shomonjijoe +1 i119

    Other Noteable R/EX
    Adoulin's Refuge +1 99
    Bloodbead Ring 62
    Defending Ring 70
    Dragon Heart
    Emporox's Ring 99
    Evoker's Ring 71
    Gelos Earring 99
    Ginsen 99
    Gridarvor i119
    Lebeche Ring 99
    Moonshade Earring 90 (Mp+25, Latent Effect: "Refresh"+1)
    Peacock Amulet 33
    Rajas Ring 30
    Suppanomimi 72
    Ukko Sash 99
    Ulthalam's Ring 50

    Atoyac 115
    Bane Cape 99
    Campestres's Cape 99
    Hagondes Pants +1 i119
    Pahtli Cape 99
    Tzacab Grip 99

    Orvail Ring 99

    Base Artifact/Relic/Emp
    Evoker's Horn 60
    Evoker's Pigaches 56
    Evoker's Spats 52
    Melee Cyclas 74
    Melee Gaiters 71
    Sorcerer's Tonban 73
    Summoner's Brcr. 72
    Summoner's Dblt. 74
    Summoner's Horn 75
    Summoner's Pgch. 73
    Summoner's Spats 71
    Temple Crown 56
    Temple Cyclas 58
    Temple Gaiters 52
    Temple Gloves 54
    Temple Hose 60

    A. Vou.: Body +1
    A. Vou.: Feet +1
    A. Vou.: Fingers
    A. Vou.: Hands +1
    A. Vou.: Head +1
    A. Vou.: Legs +1
    A. Voucher: Body
    A. Voucher: Feet
    A. Voucher: Hands
    A. Voucher: Head
    A. Voucher: Legs
    (15) Abdhaljs Fiber
    (7) Abdhaljs Metal
    (2) Abdhaljs Seal
    Carabosse's Gem
    (4) Kindred's Seal
    (5) Kupon A-Pk109
    Kupon Aw-Wk
    Wyrm Beard

    Key Items
    ?Crawler Companion
    ?Fenrir Whistle
    ?Hippogryph Companion
    ?Raptor Companion
    Adoulinian Charter Permit
    Adventurer's Certificate
    Aged Booming Naakual Crest
    Aged Firebrand Naakual Crest
    Aged Flashfrost Naakual Crest
    Aged Ligneous Naakual Crest
    Aged Matriarch Naakual Crest
    Aged Riptide Naakual Crest
    Aged Undying Naakual Crest
    Airship Pass
    Altepa Gate Crystal
    Ambuscade Primer Volume One
    Archducal Audience Permit
    Arciela's Skirt
    Ashen Stratum Abyssite Iii
    Ashrakk's Blood Sigil
    Astral Compass
    Atmacite of Destruction
    Atmacite of Onslaught
    Atmacite of Unity
    Avatar Phantom Gem
    Azure Abyssite of Celerity
    Azure Abyssite of Lenity
    Bastok Trust Permit
    Beguiling Petrifact
    Black Matinee Necklace
    Boarding Permit
    Booming Naakual Paragon
    Brand of Dawn
    Brand of Twilight
    Bronze Ribbon of Service ?
    Bundle of Half-Inscribed Scrolls
    ''card Jailer Teodor''
    Cast Metal Plate
    Celestial Nexus Phantom Gem
    Cerulean Crystal
    Champion Phantom Gem
    Chocobo License
    Clump of Animal Hair
    Coruscant Rosary
    Cracked Skeleton Clavicle
    Crest of Davoi
    Crimson Orb
    Crimson Stratum Abyssite Iv
    Dark Mana Orb
    Dawn Phantom Gem
    Dem Gate Crystal
    Denary Nazar
    Detached Stinger
    Dhokmak's Blood Sigil
    Dimensional Compass
    Dusky Periapt of Adaptability
    Dynamis - Buburimu Sliver
    Dynamis - Qufim Sliver
    Dynamis - Tavnazia Sliver
    Dynamis - Valkurm Sliver
    Empty Hourglass
    Eschan Cellar
    Eschan Nef
    Eschan Urn
    Fabricated Pearl of Biting Winds
    Fabricated Pearl of Impurity
    Fabricated Pearl of Miasma
    Fabricated Ward of Ashen Wings
    Fabricated Ward of Biting Winds
    Fabricated Ward of Impurity
    Fabricated Ward of Miasma
    Fabricated Ward of the False King
    Feared One Phantom Gem
    Firebrand Naakual Paragon
    Flashfrost Naakual Paragon
    Fragrant Treant Petal
    Glittering Pixie Choker
    Gps Crystal
    Habitual Behavior Barometer
    Head Wind Phantom Gem
    Heart of the Bushin
    Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite
    Hydra Corps Battle Standard
    Hydra Corps Command Scepter
    Hydra Corps Eyeglass
    Hydra Corps Insignia
    Hydra Corps Lantern
    Hydra Corps Tactical Map
    Impure Celadon Yggzi
    Indigo Stratum Abyssite Iv
    Jade Stratum Abyssite Iv
    Job Breaker
    Job Gesture: Black Mage
    Job Gesture: Corsair
    Job Gesture: Dancer
    Job Gesture: Monk
    Job Gesture: Ninja
    Job Gesture: Red Mage
    Job Gesture: Summoner
    Job Gesture: Thief
    Job Gesture: Warrior
    Job Gesture: White Mage
    Jugner Gate Crystal
    Kupofried's Medallion
    Legacy Phantom Gem
    Lerene's Paten
    Letter From Shikaree X
    Leujaoam Assault Orders
    Ligneous Naakual Paragon
    Limit Breaker
    Magian Trial Log
    Magicked Astrolabe
    Maiden Phantom Gem
    Map of Abyssea - Attohwa
    Map of Abyssea - Konschtat
    Map of Abyssea - La theine
    Map of Adoulin
    Map of Al Zahbi
    Map of Al'taieu
    Map of Alzadaal Ruins
    Map of Arrapago Reef
    Map of Aydeewa Subterrane
    Map of Beadeaux
    Map of Bhaflau Thickets
    Map of Bibiki Bay
    Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette
    Map of Caedarva Mire
    Map of Cape Riverne
    Map of Carpenters' Landing
    Map of Castle Oztroja
    Map of Castle Zvahl
    Map of Ceizak Battlegrounds
    Map of Cirdas Caverns
    Map of Davoi
    Map of Delkfutt's Tower
    Map of Dho Gates
    Map of Dynamis - Bastok
    Map of Dynamis - Beaucedine
    Map of Dynamis - Buburimu
    Map of Dynamis - Jeuno
    Map of Dynamis - Qufim
    Map of Dynamis - San D'oria
    Map of Dynamis - Tavnazia
    Map of Dynamis - Valkurm
    Map of Dynamis - Windurst
    Map of Dynamis - Xarcabard
    Map of Escha - Ru'aun
    Map of Escha - Zi'tah
    Map of Fei'yin
    Map of Foret De Hennetiel
    Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo
    Map of Ghelsba
    Map of Giddeus
    Map of Grauberg
    Map of Halvung
    Map of Hu'xzoi
    Map of Ifrit's Cauldron
    Map of Kamihr Drifts
    Map of King Ranperre's Tomb
    Map of Labyrinth of Onzozo
    Map of Mamook
    Map of Marjami Ravine
    Map of Moh Gates
    Map of Morimar Basalt Fields
    Map of Mount Zhayolm
    Map of Nashmau
    Map of Newton Movalpolos
    Map of Norg
    Map of Oldton Movalpolos
    Map of Ordelle's Caves
    Map of Pso'xja
    Map of Qufim Island
    Map of Ra'kaznar
    Map of Rala Waterways
    Map of Reisenjima
    Map of Ru'hmet
    Map of Sea Serpent Grotto
    Map of Sih Gates
    Map of Tavnazia
    Map of Temple of Uggalepih
    Map of the Aqueducts
    Map of the Attohwa Chasm
    Map of the Bastok Area
    Map of the Boyahda Tree
    Map of the Crawlers' Nest
    Map of the Dangruf Wadi
    Map of the Den of Rancor
    Map of the Eldieme Necropolis
    Map of the Elshimo Regions
    Map of the Garlaige Citadel
    Map of the Gusgen Mines
    Map of the Horutoto Ruins
    Map of the Jeuno Area
    Map of the Korroloka Tunnel
    Map of the Kuftal Tunnel
    Map of the Kuzotz Region
    Map of the Li'telor Region
    Map of the Maze of Shakhrami
    Map of the Northlands Area
    Map of the Palborough Mines
    Map of the Quicksand Caves
    Map of the Ranguemont Pass
    Map of the Ru'aun Gardens
    Map of the Sacrarium
    Map of the San D'oria Area
    Map of the Toraimarai Canal
    Map of the Uleguerand Range
    Map of the Vollbow Region
    Map of the Windurst Area
    Map of the Zeruhn Mines
    Map of Ve'lugannon Palace
    Map of Vunkerl Inlet
    Map of Wajaom Woodlands
    Map of Woh Gates
    Map of Yahse Hunting Grounds
    Map of Yorcia Weald
    Matriarch Naakual Paragon
    Mea Gate Crystal
    Megomak's Shopping List
    Meriphataud Gate Crystal
    Message From Yoyoroon
    Moonlit Path Phantom Gem
    Octonary Nazar
    Old Gauntlets
    Old Ring
    Pair of Fuzzy Earmuffs
    Pair of Velkk Gloves
    Pashhow Gate Crystal
    Periapt of Clarity
    Periapt of Emergence
    Periapt of Percipience
    Periapt of Sapience
    Pfc Wildcat Badge
    Phantom Gem of Apathy
    Phantom Gem of Arrogance
    Phantom Gem of Cowardice
    Phantom Gem of Envy
    Phantom Gem of Rage
    Phoenix's Blessing
    Pioneer's Badge
    Pouch of Weighted Stones
    Prismatic Fragment
    Prismatic Hourglass
    Pso'xja Pass
    Puppet In Peril Phantom Gem
    Pure White Feather
    Reliquiarium Key
    ''rhapsody In Azure''
    ''rhapsody In Crimson''
    ''rhapsody In Emerald''
    ''rhapsody In Fuchsia''
    ''rhapsody In Mauve''
    ''rhapsody In Ochre''
    ''rhapsody In Puce''
    ''rhapsody In Umber''
    ''rhapsody In White''
    Riptide Naakual Paragon
    Rosulatia's Pome
    Runic Disc
    Sajj'aka's Protective Ward
    San D'oria Trust Permit
    Savage's Phantom Gem
    ''scintillating Rhapsody''
    Semi-Pure Celadon Yggzi
    Sepulcher Ensign
    Shadow Lord Phantom Gem
    Shard of Apathy
    Shard of Arrogance
    Shard of Cowardice
    Shard of Envy
    Shard of Rage
    Sheet of Mapitoto Tunes
    Silver Bell
    Silvery Plate
    Song of Hope
    Starway Stairway Bauble
    Stellar Fulcrum Phantom Gem
    Tear of Altana
    Temple Knight Key
    Tenshodo Member's Card
    Teodor's Blood Sigil
    Trainer's Whistle
    Traverser Stone
    Vahzl Gate Crystal
    Velkk Fetish
    Vial of Shrouded Sand
    Vivid Periapt of Adaptability
    Vivid Periapt of Focus
    Vivid Periapt of Intensity
    Vivid Periapt of Readiness
    Voidwatch Alarum
    Waking Dreams Phantom Gem
    Warrior's Path Phantom Gem
    Weapon Training Guide
    Western Adoulin Patrol Route
    Whisper of the Wyrmking
    Windurst Trust Permit
    Yagudo Torch
    Yhoator Gate Crystal

    Nyzul Tokens: 0
    Therion Ichor: 0
    Cruor: 20747
    Voidstones: 38
    Traverser Stones: 67
    A.M.A.N. Vouchers Stored: 113
    Zeni: 0
    Guild Points (Fishing): 0
    Guild Points (Woodworking): 0
    Guild Points (Smithing): 0
    Guild Points (Goldsmithing): 6240
    Guild Points (Weaving): 0
    Guild Points (Leathercraft): 0
    Guild Points (Bonecraft): 0
    Guild Points (Alchemy): 0
    Guild Points (Cooking): 0
    Assault Points (Leujaoam Sanctum): 2600
    Assault Points (M.J.T.G.): 2750
    Assault Points (Lebros Cavern): 1650
    Assault Points (Periqia): 4350
    Assault Points (Ilrusi Atoll): 4660
    Beastman Seals (stored): 140
    Kindred Seals (stored): 0
    Kindred Crests (stored): 257
    High Kindred Crests (stored): 224
    Sacred Kindred Crests (stored): 193
    Bayld: 206302
    Mweya Plasm Corpuscles: 74200
    Escha Silt: 764610
    Escha Beads: 6064
    Potpourri: 367

    Job Points

    Trusts (68)
    Lhe Lhangavo
    Yoran-Oran (UC)
    Nashmeira II
    Nanaa Mihgo
    Mihli Aliapoh
    Iron Eater
    Lilisette II
    D. Shantotto
    Kuyin Hathdenna
    Tenzen II
    Star Sibyl
    Naja Salaheem
    Ferreous Coffin
    Lion II
    Arciela II
    Lehko Habhoka
    Zeid II
    Iroha II
    Uka Totlihn
    Prishe II
    Semih Lafihna

    Coalition Ranks
    Pioneer Petitioner
    Courier Disciple
    Inventor Petitioner
    Mummer Petitioner
    Peacekeeper Petitioner
    Scout Petitioner

    Escha Vorseal
    HP/MP+ 6
    Acc/R.Acc/Eva+ 4
    Def+ 1
    Atk/R.Atk+ 2
    M.Acc/M.Eva+ 1
    M.Def+ 2
    M.Atk+ 1
    DEX/AGI+ 1
    STR/VIT+ 2
    INT/MND/CHR+ 0
    Occ. Nullifies Damage 0
    Killer Effects+ 0
    Damage Taken 0
    Spoils+ 3
    Rare Enemy+ 3
    Luck+ 3
    Regen+ 0
    Refresh+ 0
    Accuracy++ 1

    tldr& PErfect Midrange account with Rhapsodies done 1 relic and lots of beginning content knocked out.

    $215 Buyout

    WU or Moneygram Payment, Paypal if rep allows.
    I have 5 years history and 100% Postive feedback
    Owner -

    EGS SuperMod

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