Active ingredient Some believe Tribulus Terrestris stimulates testosterone production by as a response to its ability to reduce blood glucose Bulbine Natalensis is the third extract listed on the product website Bulbine Natalensis is an herb primarily found in South Africa It Prime Time Boost has a length history of use in its native South Africa for purposes of treating a long list of ailments It has only recently risen to popularity as an ingredient in bodybuilding supplements though many online report its anabolic effects to be significant Other listed ingredients are Zinc Gluconate Magnesium B Pyridoxine and Milk Thistle an herb used for thousands of years to treat a litany of physical afflictions and is also very popular in athletic communities for its healing properties Advantages Prime Time Boost promises to make men Feel superhuman no matter who you are First and foremost on the advantage list of this workout supplement is its purported anabolic properties By increasing testosterone levels this product promises to work in conjunction with intense workouts pack .