Rainbow Six Siege Credits Rainbow Six: Quarantine is the new Ubisoft Barcelona and we met him during the past E3 2019 with a trailer and some gameplay. This time they put aside potentially realistic approaches and get into the fantasy of a world taken by a virus. It is the independent game conversion of a limited R6 Siege event of 2018 but changing aliens for these pseudo zombies and extending the functions beyond that basic approach.

Rainbow Six Quarantine was one of the novelties that Ubisoft had prepared us to teach us during its conference in the past E3 2019. And it will not be a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege but a spin-off that will coexist with the other great multiplayer title of the company since its approach is far from the competitive Siege. This is a game based on the same playable base we already know about Rainbow Six Siege but adapting the playable tactical proposal to the cooperative action of a shooter based on waves of zombies monsters and other objectives. An idea that has emerged directly from one of the temporary events that took place in the Rainbow Six Siege itself called Outbreak.

Although for now we have seen almost nothing and have not wanted to continue talking about him perhaps because with what is left of Siege The Division 2 and with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint they have enough active shooter at least it seems that we can narrow down their date launch to know that it is not so far. That beginning of 2020 of the announcement should become the first quarter of next year buy Rainbow Six Siege Currency Packs according to the statements of the direct in the last presentation of results as it was set for this fiscal year.

It is a somewhat strange fact because the French company is accumulating games in a very short time frame. The also recently presented and almost unknown Gods & Monsters has been dated for February 25 and just a few days later on March 6 will Watch Dogs Legion arrive. Fitting Rainbow Six: Quarantine doesn't seem so simple there so we'll see if anyone doesn't leave in the spring.

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