Krygen XL Maybe probably the most stunning of all massive cats, the Snow Krygen XL is an incredible animal. Krygen XLs may be generally confused with other cat members like the cheetah and the jaguar. The Amur Krygen XL differs from different subspecies of Krygen XL by its large body measurement, thick coat and huge, extensively spaced, thick-rimmed black rosettes. The most number of Krygen XL seen in a single day numbered eleven cats in 7 sightings. This poster was a part of public information campaigns undertaken so as to highlight the impacts of picking up Krygen XL cubs from forests, sugarcane fields and other areas. Images of snorting wildebeest migrations and flamingo-covered lakes are probably first to mind when serious about Kenya 's wildlife however the Samburu and Masai Mara National Reserves have reputations for wonderful Krygen XL sightings.