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    Lightbulb WTS - FFXI Nasomi Gil

    Selling FFXI Nasomi Private Server Gil, Tradable Items!

    Price: $4 per 100k Gil. (Will also sell in the form of items just ask.)
    Payment: Paypal Gift or Cryptocurrency.
    Discord: KbottySan#3653

    *I will only trade up to a certain amount of gil at any given time for safety*
    *Remember I am not responsible for any bans/suspensions related to RMT. I go through as many precautions as possible but purchase at your own risk*

    Selling FFXI Nasomi/Eden Private Server Fishing Bot

    This Bot is safe and external. The only thing to watch for are curious players/GM's. I run it all the time and have leveled fishing on 2 characters from 1-100 with it. This is something I have coded myself for personal use and now I'm looking to sell it privately to some people. I will only sell up to 10 keys for this at any given time as to keep it on the down low. If you are interested just add/message me on Discord and I will give you a demo of how it works.

    Price: $20 per Month.
    Payment: Paypal Gift or Cryptocurrency.
    Discord: KbottySan#3653

    Updated: 04/16/2019
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    purchased from this seller and the transaction went smooth. thanks kefkabot

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    Grabbed some stuff from seller, everything was very smooth and quick.

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