Best Nasomi Gil Seller

Looking to get more serious about selling Nasomi gil due to the recent population increase!

All sales will be directed to my discord (which is so very easy to do) @ Foreplay#7579

Price is flat 3$/100k for sales < 7.5m and 2.75$/100k for sales > 7.5m


You will NEVER /tell me in game. It's a dead give away.
You will send money via PAYPAL first for all transactions.
MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD! I will reply, it just may not be immediately.

All sales are final
Any bans are not my responsibility; although I've never lost a customer.
I have extreme knowledge of how Nasomi operates and will use these methods whenever I feel its necessary. (IE would be if you buy too much gil from me I will need to change things up)

About me

I've been on Nasomi since 2014 and have spoken with him directly about gil transactions. I'm pretty confident in my ability to provide you with the best bang for your buck.
I am usually able to deliver 24/7 however, my girlfriend gets off at 6:30 CST and I like to spend time with her.
I have 300 sales on Playerauctions for other games with only 1 negative feedback. Link here for proof
I have NEVER failed to meet customer satisfaction.

DISCORD Foreplay#7579



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