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    Bump 35M stock available

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    Stock up to 45M! Available now!

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    Good trade. Quick, reliable, and friendly. +1

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    No more offer higher than 5M available, changing way to trade things, more secure one! But can provide every items can be purchased in game (or almost), send me tell in Discord to know

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    Thanks!! Fast service and noob friendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paurom View Post
    Hey everyone,
    am selling Gils on Nasomi private server at best price actually but have a limited stock, so first come first served! Got 36M actually for sale!

    1M = 45$
    5M = 200$
    10M = 350$
    20M = 650$
    30M = 900$
    35M = 1050$

    Contact me on Discord, Paurom#3122, if I am online we ll proceed immediately, if am not I will answer as fast as I can!
    I will explain you the way we will trade it safely then we ll proceed to the payment (Paypal only) and we ll do the trade.
    Have fun, and see you soon^^

    Not gonna lie I was skeptical at first, but who wouldn't be, was able to get to me within a minute and the trade was complete within minutes!

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    Available stock: 21M

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