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    Cool Nasomi Gil For Sale

    Selling Nasomi Gil - New to the market and offering a special for my first customers:

    $3.5 per 100k
    $35 per 1M
    $135 per 5M

    Current Stock: 10M

    Guaranteed 24hr delivery if you message me when I'm offline, we can work out a delivery time

    Post in thread, PM me here, or message me on Discord @ ffxitrader99#9818, channel to ping me:

    Payment method will be Paypal Friends and Family please
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    bump, instant delivery for gil sales this evening!

    Edit: Taking off for now. Leave me a message and we can work out a time for delivery within 24hrs!
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    Was not able to hop online tonight. Will be available for delivery tomorrow evening for the weekend! Send me a PM here on the forums to setup a delivery time

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    Online for the evening! Message me for instant delivery!


    Heading out for now. Message me on Discord or PM me here and we can work out a time for delivery
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    Back online now! Send me a message or a friend request on discord!


    Heading out, leave me a message and we can link up for delivery within 24hrs
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    Thanks to the buyers today for your prompt payments! Looking forward to doing business with you again
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    Online now for the next few hours! PM me here, or send a friend request on discord ffxitrader99#9818 or join the channel to ping me: , send

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    Updated stock! Thanks to all the buyers, I've answered all PMs. Feel free to join discord and shoot me a ping. Online for the next few hours for instant delivery

    Edit: Thanks to all buyers! Please leave a message and we can arrange a delivery time within 24hrs
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    Thank you for the purchase! great guy!



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