These are some essay types that numerous students have to deal with at their college or university level. Just like all fingers in a single hand aren’t alike; similarly, all essays aren’t a single students’ forte. There are a few American students who face problems in writing a particular type of composition. It may be one of the types mentioned above too. Such students can avail essay help online, preferably from the well-known USA-based online brands.

Essays are meant to enable students to display their writing skills, but certain types may act as a hindrance for them. Here are some types of essays that American students may have to counter as follows:
• Admission essay:
These essays are meant for students to convey a sense of their one-of-its-kind character to the admission committee of any American institute. It acts as a crucial part of the students’ college application. It is meant to provide students’ information that’s not mentioned in the CV to differentiate him or her from the rest of the crowd. American students may have to write admission (or college) essays on various topics like:
1. What activities have contributed to your self-development?
2. Describe your weaknesses and strengths in two spheres: Working in a team AND Setting and obtaining goals.
3. Role Model: If you could dine with a personality from history then who would it be and why?

• Comparison essay:
These essays are meant for Students to compare and even make contrast at times on any topic. Students should not get confused between making the contrasting or comparison. Rather, they should first observe if the similarities (comparison) are more significant or the differences (contrasting). They can then plan to discuss the less significant points at first, followed by the more significant points. American students can prepare comparison essays on topics like “Different stages of my lifetime” AND “Apple or Samsung smart phone.”

• Informal essay:
These essays are usually written for enjoyment. Many students are unable to write them in a less formal tone and end up writing it in a casual one. Since essays are academic assignments so they can’t be treated as a relaxed sounding opinion. Students writing an assignment on topics like “My life’s best journey” AND “Celebrities are bad role models.”

• Classification essay:
These essays are meant for students to organize numerous things into categories. They should ensure that all the categories follow a unified organized principle and each category should consist of appropriate examples. Some topics for these essays are “Classification of Sports cars” and “Most popular American TV shows.”