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    WTS Nasomi Gil (Best Price)

    Selling Gil and any items that can be bought/traded.

    Add me on discord for latest pricing Lumen#9486

    - $25/mil
    - Orders over 5m will receive a flat discount
    - Please message me on discord if you want to discuss any other bulk prices.

    Dynamis Currency
    *ask in discord

    Rare Items/ Cursed Items +1
    Add me on discord for requests, availability and pricing. Generally speaking traded items receive a discount to their gil equivalent.

    Payment: Paypal only.
    Feel free to add me on discord Lumen#9486.

    *For larger gil transactions please note I will only trade up to a certain amount for buyer safety.
    *While I take several measures to ensure buyer safety, there is only so much I can do on my end. I am not responsible for any character bans.
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    Gil Stock: 45m
    Now also selling Dynamis Currency.

    Current stock:
    L.Jadeshells x65
    M. Silverpieces x110
    100 Byne x120

    Please add me on discord for competitive pricing.

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    Updated prices and stock. Many satisfied buyers! Add me on discord while I still have stock.

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    Buy with confidence, super fast and friendly. Accommodated me quickly over the holiday break.

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    Still have 30m in stock and plenty of dynamis currency. Add me on discord for special Cyber Monday prices!

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    Responded to all PMs. Best to add me on discord with any questions. None of my buyers have had any issues with detection.

    Still have gil, dynamis currency and rare items for sale.

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    Still have plenty of gil and items. Please add me on discord for custom pricing.

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    Updated pricing and stock. Taking requests for all items that can be bought with gil.

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    Prices lowered. Please add me on discord for best price available and any custom requests. I always guarantee the lowest price.



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