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    Offering special sale price from now until the end of the year of $25/mil (minimum order of 1m). Please add me on discord to coordinate your order.


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    20m left for end of year price of $25/mil (minimum order 1m). Price is valid until 12/31/18

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    Low stock but still taking orders until it runs out. Last day to get holiday price.

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    Holiday promo has ended but still offering competitive rates. PM on discord to discuss bulk pricing.

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    Still selling! $30/mil for gil or $25/mil if done in items.

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    Bump! Still selling at $30/mil for gil service and $25/mil for items.

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    Discord friend request sent

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    Still selling. Please send a friend request on discord for current rates.

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    Bump. Still offering the lowest prices. Add me on discord Lumen#9486

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    New stock. Lowest prices. Please add me on discord for purchases Lumen#9486



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