Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay(On if the team plans to begin player treatments right after the game this week to prepare for their Thursday night game next week)”Yup Lamarcus Joyner Jersey , those guys did a great job with that last year. The sooner that you can start the recovery process, the better. Like we’ve said, our focus is solely on doing a great job this Sunday. Then, after the game, then they’ll get started on that preparation.”(On the challenge of being the head coach and play caller)”I think the biggest thing that you feel so good about is that you have great people around you that you can lean on and you can work through stuff. I think while you are the head coach, we do things as a coaching staff, as an organization and there’s a lot of people that are involved in our decision making. That’s what I feel so fortunate about is being able to lean on people. You have such confidence in the defensive staff and the special teams coaches to do an excellent job. If you are a little bit more involved with the offensive staff, those guys do a great job if I’m not around. But, if you are a little more heavily involved with the offense, you feel totally confident that you can kind of step away and know that things are going to be handled in the right manner. But, it’s constantly just trying to balance it out. I think it’s really all about the efficiency every single day, but you never want to do anything – if you are going to be involved in the offense like that – that takes away from being a good play caller. How you balance that as a head coach is something that I’m continuing to learn on the fly, but having great people around you helps ease that transition.”(On how the chemistry between his offense staff has developed)”Yeah, it’s gone great. I really can’t say enough about the leadership that (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer and (Pass Game Coordinator) Coach (Shane) Waldron have provided. Watching the way that (Quarterbacks Coach) Zac Taylor has smoothly transitioned into that quarterback room where he’s running all the meetings and doing an excellent job getting those guys up to speed. You feel so fortunate with the way that things have gone. Then, we’ve added a guy in (Senior Offensive Assistant) Jedd Fisch who’s had a lot of coordinator experience. He’s doing a bunch of different work that really helps us out in a variety of ways. He’s been very beneficial to me in terms of the preparation. But really, that’s our whole offensive staff. But, those guys who have really stepped into new roles have done an excellent job filling the voids left by (former Rams offensive coordinator) Matt (LaFleur) and by (former Rams quarterbacks coach) Greg (Olson) who are great coaches and doing great things. Couldn’t feel better about those guys around you and they’ve been excellent.”(On how G Jamon Brown’s week of practice went and if he’d be able to play on Sunday if he was needed)”Yeah, (G) Jamon (Brown) did a nice job and I think he’s kept himself in good shape. He’ll be one of the guys that’ll be up and ready to go on game day. We feel good about Jamon. He’ll be ready to go.”(On if Brown can play left guard as well)”Yeah, he could. I think there’s a lot of movement. If somebody did get injured, it depends on who and then how we would adjust the lineup. The nice thing is Authentic Rodger Saffold Jersey , really, about both Jamon and (OL) Austin (Blythe), they have the ability to play either guard. Obviously, Austin can play that center spot. Then, (T Joseph) Noteboom as well. He can play, really, the guard spot. So, I think Coach Kromer’s ability to cross-train players, enables you with seven linemen up on gameday to have some flexibility. I think it would really be predicated on what was a result of those guys having to go in. Hopefully, we avoid that. That’s not a situation, but if so, then it would depend on who would be that we’re replacing and what moves we make after that.”(On how WR KhaDarel Hodge has transitioned into a roster spot)”Yeah, he has done a good job. I think, really, the way that we practice throughout the course of the week, it really hasn’t been much different than when he was on the practice squad. He still took a lot of reps this week giving guys a great look. Then, spotted our receivers here and there to be able to fill in. If he has to do that, we have confidence he’ll be ready to go. We expect him to compete well for (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) ‘Bones’ in a couple phases of our special teams. He’s a guy that’s taking steps in the right direction and that’s all you can ask for from some of those players.”(On if WR Cooper Kupp is a player who can also stretch the field like WR Brandin Cooks and WR Robert Woods)”Yeah, you see him make plays down the field. Whether it’s some of those deep crossing routes or sometimes at that three spot. He’s had some opportunities and he’s made plays when you go back to last year and just seeing that. But, we really have all of our receivers that can be the top shelf of some of our three-level throws and different things like that. We feel good about all those guys being able to do that.”(On how he keeps WR Josh Reynolds spirits up when he’s not getting as much playing time)”Well Youth Rob Havenstein Jersey , I think (WR) Josh (Reynolds) has an appreciation and understanding for the situation. Also, Josh missed a lot of time with that ankle injury that he suffered against Baltimore (Ravens) in the preseason. But, Josh knows that we feel very confident in him. We think he’s a starting-caliber receiver. He does a great job being ready to go, really, at all three spots if something were to happen or if those guys need a blow. But, he ‘s continuing to develop. (Wide Receivers) Coach (Eric) Yarber does a great job. (Assistant Wide Receivers) Coach (Liam) Coen, just continuing to get those guys taking steps in the right direction. Like you look at Josh last year, when (WR) Robert (Woods) went down and he stepped in and started for a few games. You know it’s not too big for him. We feel like he’s continuing to get better and better. Josh is a starting-caliber receiver in our mind, for sure.”(On if he wants to continue with a lot of two-point conversions)”It was something that was more a result of (K) Greg (Zuerlein) going down and that was what we felt like was necessary. I think, dependent upon the menu of plays and kind of the flow of the game, could potentially dictate us doing that. But, you do feel good about (K) Sam (Ficken) and hopefully we don’t get in a situation where he gets injured right before the game.”(On how Ficken is doing)”He’s done good. He just had a great day and he has had a good week overall. We’ve got a lot of confidence Sam. It’s good to have him back around. I think he’s ready and excited to go.”TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay August 27 press conference Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay(On if he still feels that C Austin Blythe will fill in for G Jamon Brown during the first two weeks of the regular season or if there is still an ongoing competition)“Yeah, I think (C) Austin (Blythe) has done a great job. Right now, you feel really good about him being able to step in at, really, any one of those three interior spots. As far as that position is concerned, we’re figuring those things out. But, he’s done a great job. We have so much confidence in Austin and we feel like he’s a starting-caliber player in this league.”(On if Blythe is someone he would hold out on Thursday night)“Yeah.”Blythe to start Week 1Los Angeles Rams C Austin Blythe walks with OT Darrell Williams during the Rams’ Week 13 game against the Arizona Cardinals, December 3, 2017.Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports(On DT Dominique Easley and OLB Matt Longacre playing on Thursday)“Yeah http://www.ramsauthorizedshops.com/a...ullivan-jersey , you know what, I think with those guys getting the work, where we felt like it was good that they got out there, kind of got their feet wet. Anticipating them being a big part of this thing moving forward, so those are guys that you probably won’t expect to see on Thursday either. I thought it was good, especially just kind of on a turf surface – really more for (DT) Dominique (Easley) than (OLB) Matt (Longacre) – being in the (Mercedes-Benz) Superdome and stuff like that. But, it was good for both those players to get some snaps and now we’ll kind of implement a program that we feel like is going to be sustainable throughout the course of the season, but we won’t expect to see them this week.”(On if he has narrowed down the number of spots the team is really looking to evaluate for the roster)“We talk about it all the time. There’s some specific positions that do have a little bit more competition in terms of just who’s going to be in that 53 (man roster) and then who ends up being guys that we anticipate being part of that 46 (man roster). Unfortunately, like we talked about, injuries are an inevitable part of this thing and we’ve always got to have those contingency plans in place. But, we feel good about a lot of the spots right now. Nothing is ever finalized, but this week will provide us a chance to really get those final evaluations to hopefully kind of solidify what we’re looking at with our 53 (man roster) and our 46 (man roster) on game day.”(On how comfortable he is with DL Ethan Westbrooks in the absence of DT Aaron Donald)“I feel really good. (DL) Ethan (Westbrooks) has done an excellent job. I think you see him show up, really all those preseason games. He’s doing a lot of great things in practice. I think he’s getting more and more comfortable with the scheme. (Defensive Line Coach) Billy Johnson and (Defensive Quality Control Coach) Thad (Bogardus) have done an excellent job and you see him just continue to make plays – whether that’s sacks, whether that’s making plays in the run with some different things that we’re doing specific to some pressures or just some of our base calls. Been really pleased with Ethan. He’s doing a good job.”(On how TE Gerald Everett is recovering from his shoulder injury)”He’s coming back good. He’s really getting out there, running around, being able to run some routes, things like that. It’s been unfortunate because he was doing such a great job before he had that shoulder injury. (Director of Strength Training and Performance) Ted (Rath) has done a nice job kind of keeping him in shape. We’ll get him up to speed as quickly as possible. Really the goal is to hopefully have him ready to go for that Oakland game.”(On how OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo is recovering and the possibility of him coming off the PUP prior to the season opener)”I think right now, probably not. But nothing is finalized with that yet. He’s working hard with that rehab. I would say not anything that he can control, but I think just the way that the foot’s responded hasn’t been ideal. It doesn’t have anything to do with the way that he’s worked. He’s doing everything he can to control that. (Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie and his staff Cory Littleton Jersey , you guys know what a great job those guys do. We’ll continue to monitor ‘Obo’ (Okoronkwo) one day at a time.”Okoronkwo to start season on PUP?Los Angeles Rams EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (#45) with S Steven Parker (#38) during organized team activities.(On if he has discussed with the team how this is the last week for players to show what they’re about)”Yes, we’ll talk about that when we get a little bit closer to Thursday. Whether it’s with us or somebody else, you’re so appreciative. Unfortunately, so many of these guys won’t be with us as we move forward, but you have so much respect and appreciation for the work they put in. We as coaches want to do a good job, like you mentioned. Whether it’s with us in a practice squad role, whether it’s competing for one of those final spots, or whether it’s showcasing your skills for one of the other teams in this league – you want to try to do a good job of helping these guys out. Be positive with them, encouraging and that’s kind of really our goal as a coaching staff.”(On if there’s anyone he’s worried about not being available Week 1 health-wise)”We feel pretty good about it right now. I think that we’re right on track with guys like (LB) Mark Barron that we’ve talked about. Everybody else we anticipate that we’re kind of projecting as a starter is ready to go. Obviously the big question is will (No.) 99 (DT Aaron Donald) be apart of that thing or not. We’re in a good place right now. Certainly, we’ve got a lot of work to do in the meantime. I thought we did get better today. I thought the defense was excellent. Just the play energy, the way they’re communicating. They’re doing some really good stuff, making it really difficult on the offense and it’s exciting.”(On if he has had an communication with Donald recently)”I talked with him last week. Good dialogue. Nothing specific about the money, the contract. More just checking and seeing how he’s doing. He’s been working hard back at Pitt doing his thing, and hopefully we’ll see him sooner than later.”(On what type of conversations he’s having with General Manager Les Snead in regard to roster construction)”It’s constant dialogue. Right now really our focus is specific to our active roster with those 53 guys. We’ve talked about some guys that are potential practice squad candidates for sure, but that dialogue is ongoing. Les and his staff do a great job staying up-to-date on things but that’s every single day. Unfortunately, you look at some of the injuries that occur and just have a pulse around the league. There might be some players that could be potentially available where if they end up hitting the waiver wire, do they end up giving us an upgrade or do we feel good about the spots. Fortunately most of the spots and situations and positions that we’re in, we feel good about the guys that we have in our building. Hopefully, we’ll stay healthy and be able to work with those guys.”