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    It wasn't long before the rsgoldfast

    However, the kindness was a"classic stitch-up": lil_dudey69 vanished to OSRS Gold another RuneScape province with Cam's shiny armour...the ultimate in internet dog acts (so I am lead to believe). But then came a spin -- Cam revealed he adopted the dog behave method himself, and began stealing other consumer's armour.

    Gen and Lewis didn't really comprehend the magnitude of Cam's betrayal (they spent most of the segment hoping to stifle their laughter) but the triple j text line sure did, and it lit up with individuals earnestly sharing their particular RuneScape dog behave tales, as well as people generally simply losing their shit in the ridiculousness of it all.

    It wasn't long before the overseas RuneScape fandom got ahold of the segment. An industrious YouTube user put together an animated movie of the entire conversation, and a couple of days ago it struck a RuneScape subreddit and moved bananas.

    There have been many entertaining triple j calls through time, but we're calling it: this is the best one ever.

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