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    I am not sure if this site is active I was unable to access Discord to discuss.

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    Discord Chanel Link Broken

    Is this still an active thread... I was unable to connect to Discord Channel I receive an error that invitation has expired.

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    Hello, is your offer still UP?
    Nevermind mate I found great mmo market here
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    I get farming physically to get materials is sometimes necessary and I'm not against that. I'm just trying to figure out what people did/do to make obscene amounts of gil. I'm also just looking for justification as to where all the money came from. I mean to get the money I work physically as I mentioned before or to buy a car I looked up here and I needed to compare different information. I've been on Nasomi on/off for about a year and I'm genuinely in need of suggestions because I love FFXI. I'm just genuinely in need of ideas to make gil/enjoy the game with a good amount of income.

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