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    Easy, Great service, and very professional!

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    Still selling, 50M stocks -10% first delivery
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    Fast and easy transaction. Highly recommend. Cheap!

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    Fast and perfect service, very happy

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    WTB how much gils I need to get in order to get the discount and what is the best method of payment + delivery.

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    Sent you a private message, Mailbox were full lol !!!

    If anyone send me a private message, make a new one please so I can anwser you

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    PM me please. Interested but have some questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno View Post
    PM me please. Interested but have some questions
    I PM you Techno

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    If you want to get ahead look no further than Cryptogils. EXTREMELY responsive around the clock. Laid-back and just very easy to work with.

    Thanks again!

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    i'm happy with the trade very fast and honest man thank you .
    i recammend every one to try



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