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    WTS Nasomi Gils & Items


    Looking to sell large amount of gils on Nasomi private server.

    Rate is 5$ for 100k ,wide choices of equipments, HQs...

    We can discuss price for larger order.

    Wish me items you would like to buy and I'll find it for you.

    Accepted payment Crypto and Paypal

    100% safe
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    New price update :

    - Large wide HQs Cursed Piece price to discuss

    - Chatoyant for 140$ OUT OF STOCK ATM

    - Lungo-Nango Jadeshell for 15$/u

    - Montiont Silver piece for 15$/u OUT OF STOCK ATM

    - One Hundred byne bill 10,5$/u

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    New price for 100k is now 5$
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    Fast and easy delivery. Definitely going to buy more soon!

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    fast service and very easy to work with. 7/5 would buy again.

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    Still Selling bunch of gils

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    Fast and reliable

    He was available when needed. And delivered immediately. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to get ahead.

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    Quick response and delivery. Will buy again!
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    do you still have gil to sell and how are we going to do the transaction / trade ?

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