I'm running final fantasy 11 on windows 7 64 bit with a gtx 780 , using DgVoodoo 2 to run it as it keeps crashing if I don't. Just want to say very happy with DgVoodoo as it allows me to play the game and not crash. But I have one issue and I can't fix it.. I also use a program called windower so I can dual box the game, game runs perfect at 29.4FPS or 58.8 if I use windower to ulock fps to 60. Issue i'm having is the game will stutter every so often, usually when a weapon skill is used or a fast action is performed in the game it will stutter or rather freeze for 1-2 seconds and FPS will drop by 4-5 during this short time. anyone know what settings I may need to adjust or tweak in both Dgvoodoo/Nvidia control or even windower to remove this strange stutter? if I run the game with out Dgvoodoo i don't get this stutter and runs perfect for 30-40 min until it crashes, I can run game for ever with Dgvoodoo but this stutter is driving me crazy.. if anyone has an idea what could be causing it please let me know .

Any help will be apprecited.

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