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    How to find out your netflix password without resetting?

    Hello friends...

    I need your help!!!!!!!!
    Actually, I'm New to Netflix. and forgot my password. Can someone, tell me, How to find out your Netflix password without resetting? please, Someone, provide me, help.

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    To attempt account recovery, please go to You must be on a PC or Mac in an up to date browser for this. ( If you repeatedly send requests via this form without any new information, you may be locked out as a "spammer", or your case may be delayed). Educated guesses to questions are apparently better than leaving an answer blank. Take your time with this form.

    What answer do you get back from Google when you follow and complete this URL? (Exact text please!). If further options at the end of this process are provided by Google, what happens when you follow them?

    For any help or query visit us: www Netflix Com Activate
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