Please note that we will get a higher DPS after critical damage fix when we really have a high amount of critical rate.I don't feel like we need to get a new Shout and having this extra effect if holding down arrow and utilizing Combo Fury, the hook appearing like archer explorers. Also great to Maple Story Mesos have more lines. From 8 to 10 lines on raging blowoff, including hyper skill.

My own ideas. On conclusion game, since Panic only will 1 line and doing 1150%, looks close to 4000% if I count combo attack, enrage and chance attack, I really think now is the time to elevate cap damage on Panic, like Marksman Snipe, so at least 400M MapleStory Mesos. Especially since Raging Blow does a lot of lines. I also want add 1 more thing, I visit pro Heros who will do cap damage without dealing extra damage from MS2 Mesos Chance Attack ability. It can lose a little bit of our time cuz we do much less lines 1 hit and we shed combo count, therefore lower power for few hits max. In order to keep restricted Hero doing Panic still, preceding suggestions should be applied plus adding another effect on Chance Strike, raising cap harm by 25%, so same percent as extra dmg, if Chance Strike additional damage effect is trigger.

By applying all these suggestions, Hero will even have closer DPS at cap as quickly hitters. Also, Hero should be have greatest DPS not just uncapped, but also restricted. I think it is odd to see people thinking they really believe poorer hitters but speedy attack desever being more powerful, this justification destroys the purpose of RPG facet.

We Maplers are used to grinding for all