With the release of FF3 for the DS and my recent playing of FFX, I've rediscovered my fanboi love for the entire Final Fantasy series. Hey, I still remember pouring over the FF1 maps and monster guides with a friend during an 8th grade study-hall almost 20 years ago.Anyway, with XII likely to arrive as a Christmas gift, I realized that the only FF I have yet to play is XI. I took a look and noticed that the game plus all 3 expansion packs is only $30. Very tempting. However, I'm still recovering from WoW (and before that, UO), so I really, really do not want to get sucked into another soul-destroying MMORPG. So my question is this: Is it possible to play FFXI for a month or so, have an enjoyable gaming experience, and walk away? I hear that the grind is epic compared to other MMOGs...would that prevent me from seeing a lot of game only playing for such a short time? $30 seems like a very good deal, but if it's going to take me 6+ months to accomplish anything, then it's probably not worth it.

Please help.

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