I hope this is the right place for this thread. I used egamingsupply alot back when I played Guild Wars but have been playing Rift now this last year+ and I'm considering listing my account for this game. I went to egaming to see about listing and I got malware warnings left and right. I did a google search for egamingsupply and found a thread started here about all the scamming being done on that site. There was another post saying the owner there scammed $2500 from someone. I find this disturbing since a few years ago I had done alot of business in the thousands area. Unsure of where to turn I decided to see what this site was like so im reading up now. I used the id: GodWalkingSin on egaming. It looks like this site is setup similar and uses middlemen and such. Where does this site rank with user feedback ? Is this considered one of the safest sites for virtual property sales ?

Please help.

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