Land rover Bathurst is a big name when it comes to car brands. The brand has a rich history and has for years produced some of the most remarkable 4 wheelers of all time. Discussing all the models of land rover Bathurst would not be practically possible for us however in this article we will surely give you some insights on the Range Rover Velar which is a renowned model of land rover Bathurst.
The designing philosophy behind Range Rover Velar is revolutionary. The design of this car is a mixed blend of improved aerodynamics, striking proportions and flush door handles. An undeniable presence is given to the front of the vehicle by the foil stamped grille.
The Range Rover Velar also stands out keeping into consideration the technological aspect. The car is equipped with a Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. The system has actually integrated the touchscreens that are 10 high-definition in nature. As a car owner you can utilize the Touch Pro Duo along with the optional interactive driver display and full color head up display as well.
The brand has gained serious popularity due to its performance as well. The car can be easily driven even on some of the toughest terrains and roads. The car is equipped with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics.
The velar is more of a high tech SUV that is equipped with a sliding glass roof. The vehicle is 380-hp supercharged and is an eight-speed automatic. The seat upholstery of the car is made of sustainable materials. Range Rover Velar is already available in the market and if you have the necessary budget then you can easily purchase this vehicle. The car is perfect for all those people who are fond of adventure and who want a comfortable drive.
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