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    Gil and Dyna currency for sale {Nasomi}

    Looking for $15 500k
    $25 per Million

    10 100 piece dyna currency for $25

    Don't be an idiot. Be discreet the owner watches gil transactions. Message in game or email.

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    IGN to contact? interested!

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    Please PM in game name. I am very interested as well.

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    Supply demand made it increase to 30$, I got bannd a while ago unrelated to this but a ls mate is selling his main and alt, both have at least 2 70+ a bunch of items and access asking 400 and 250 main is mage other more melee

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    I am fine with the 30$ what is your in game name

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    Thanks to all the support over the last few months!! $$$
    we are now selling in game rare ex items too!! contact in game "Governor" I might say we dont do it but I am just being discreet.

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    Ig rt
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