I am sick of playing H2H UT games and watching players come out in the exact same formation on offense and defense every play and running the exact same 2-3 plays all game. They throw to the exact same 2 receivers all the way down the field and if you come close to stopping them once or twice they just go to the next cheap formation and run that the rest of the game. I have played Madden for a while and it is not as enjoyable as it once was. I have had some good, clean games with players, but the majority come down to whether or not I can stop one play being run on offense and it is not fun. I have a few proposals.

1. Pass play call limit online. This would simply end the abuse of 2-3 specific pass plays. Each player gets to run 3 specific passing plays max over the course of a game and it is no longer available to pick in the playbook. I know, some people will argue that does not happen in the NFL and I will run out of plays. However, in the NFL, you run the same play twice and defenses begin to read and anticipate throws and it turns into big plays for the defense because they know it is coming. And there are hundreds of plays in playbooks and run plays would not be limited so over the course of a 4 min quarter game, you would not run out of plays. Of course, if Madden allowed the computer to have a memory of plays run against and allow them to adjust more every time a play was ran, this would have the same effect but I believe this to be more difficult to accomplish.

Madden NFL Online Cheating Must Be Stopped

2. Stop allowing 4 down tries in unrealistic situations. How many times have you had an offense stopped at a 4-10, 4th and 7 and they run a cheap play and they get the first down? A simple solution to increase fairness is to no longer allow regular plays to appear on 4th down. There would be exceptions such as any 4th down within 2 minutes of either half and if trailing by greater then 7, any 4th down in 4th quarter.

Also, I would concede to having any 4-1 to 4th and inchs be able to be attempted at any time during the game. It is obvious that a player should not be able to go for it on a 4-7 from their own 20 yard line in the first quarter, but they do and yeah some people will say you should be able to stop it so stop complaining, but I would point them to my first point because those are the people who do exactly what I am talking about with 2-3 plays that pretty much guarantee they will get it.

Thanks for reading let me know if you think these changes should be implemented.

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