Windurst Rank 10
Reg Codes: NO
Server Xfer is Available

Zilart: Complete!
Promathia: Complete!
ToAU: Complete!
WoTG: Complete!
C.Prophecy: Complete!
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Complete!
A Shantotto Ascension: Complete!
Abyssea: Vision/Scars/Hereos Purchased
Dynamis: All Access
Seekers of Adoulin: Complete!

Value in misc. sellables 1620k

Noteable Melee Rare/EX
Jugo Kukri
Halachuinc Sword
Assimilator's Keffiyeh +1
Assimilator's Jubbah +1
Assimilator's Bazubands +1
Assimilator's Shalwar +1
Assimilator's Charuqs +1
Luhlaza Keffiyeh +1
Luhlaza Jubbah +1
Luhlaza Bazubands +1
Luhlaza Shalwar +1
Luhlaza Charuqs +1
Plunderer's Armlets
Taeon Tabard
Taeon Gloves
Taeon Tights
Taeon Boots
Iuitl Headgear
Iuitl Wristbands
Otronif Brais
Felistris Mask
Gavlialis Helm
Whirlpool Mask
Umbani Cap
Thaumas Coat
Phorcys Korazin
Qaaxo Harness
Thaumas Gloves
Umuthi Gloves
Phorcys Mitts
Regimen Mittens
Osmium Cuisses
Tatsumaki Sitagoromo (Movement Speed +8%, PDT -4%)
Fajin Boots
Thaumas Nails
Asperity Necklace
Magoraga Bead Necklace
Chaac Belt
Phasmida Belt
Olseni Belt
Takaha Mantle (Str +3, Store TP +1, Zanshin +2)
Lutian Cape
Atheling Mantle
Archon Cape
Bladeborn Earring
Steelflash Earring
Dudgeon Earring
Heartseeker Earring
Clearview Earring
Epona's Ring
Candent Ring
Patricius Ring
K'ayres Ring
Archon Ring
Shadow Ring

Knight's Earring
Rajas Ring

Noteable Mage Rare/EX
Carnwenhan (119)
Daurdabla (99)
Gjallarhorn (99)
Tamaxchi (Magic Acc +30, Enmity -10)
Mes'yohi Rod
Arka IV (Cure Potency +24%)
Vishrava I (Earth Affinity: Magic Acc +1, Magic Dmg +6, Casting Time -14%)
Apajamas II (Thunder Affinity: Magic Acc +6, Recast Time -14%, Magic Dmg +1)
Genbu's Shield (Vit +6, Cure Potency +5%, Cure Spell Castimg Time -6%)
Mephitis Grip
Oneiros Grip
Bihu Roundlet +1
Bihu Justacorps +1
Bihu Cuffs +1
Bihu Cannions +1
Bihu Slippers +1
Brioso Roundlet +1
Brioso Justacorps +1
Brioso Cuffs +1
Brioso Cannions +1
Brioso Slippers +1
Geomancy Galero +1
Geomancy Tunic +1
Geomancy Mitaines +1
Geomancy Pants +1
Geomancy Sandals +1
Bagua Galero +1
Bagua Tunic +1
Bagua Mitaines +1
Bagua Pants +1
Bagua Sandals +1
Gendewitha Caubeen +1 (PDT -3%, Song Spell Casting -4%)
Gendewitha Bliaut (PDT -1%)
Gendewitha Gages (PDT -1%)
Gendewitha Spats (PDT -3%)
Gendewitha Galoshes (Song Spell Casting -1%, PDT -2%)
Hagondes Hat +1 (PDT -3%, MDT -3%, Pet: Atk 21, Rng Atk +21)
Hagondes Coat +1 (Magic Atk Bonus +26, PDT -3%)
Hagondes Pants +1 (PDT -4%, Pet: Atk +20, Rng Atk +20)
Hagondes Sabots
Nahtirah Hat
Nabu's Tiara
Nares Cap
Wivre Hairpin (Refresh +1)
Artsieq Hat (Mp +30, Magic Acc +20, Mnd +7)
Umuthi Hat
Respite Cloak
Heka's Kalasiris
Nares Saio
Anhur Robe
Artsieq Jubbah (Mp +30, Magic Acc +20, Mnd +7)
Lurid Mitts
Serpentes Cuffs
Bokwus Gloves (Magic Acc +13, Mnd +10, Int +10)
Dynasty Mitts
Artsieq Cuffs
Nares Cuffs
Marduk's Shalwar +1
Ngen Seraweels
Artsieq Hose (Mp +30, Magic Acc +20, Mnd +7)
Portent Pants
Artsieq Boots (Mp +30, Magic Acc +20, Mnd +7)
Manabyss Pigaches
Bowkus Boots (Magic Acc +10, Mnd +7, Int +4)
Serpentes Sabots
Umbani Boots
Nares Clogs
Eddy Necklace
Twilight Torque
Arciela's Grace +1
Colossus's Torque
Sekhmet Corset
Siegel Sash
Rhapsode's Cape (Hp +20, Magic Acc +3, Enmity -8, DT -1%)
Ghostfyre Cape (Enfeebling Magic +8, Enhacing Magic +8)
Lifestream Cape
Pahtli Cape
Refraction Cape
Gwati Earring
Crematio Earring
Sanare Earring
Hecate's Earring
Lifestorm Earring
Psystorm Earring
Musical Earring
Weatherspoon Ring
Lebeche Ring
Sangoma Ring
Strendu Ring
Perception Ring

Rubeus Boots

Mecistopins Mantle (Mp +18, Def +6, Magic Acc +4, Capacity Points +48%)
Ebisu Fishing Rod
Shaper's Shawl
Fishermen's Stall
Fisher's Torque
Goldsmith's Torque
Craftmaster's Ring
Craftkeeper's Ring
Rem's Tale Ch.1 x17
Rem's Tale Ch.2 x14
Rem's Tale Ch.3 x17
Rem's Tale Ch.4 x14
Rem's Tale Ch.5 x18
Rem's Tale Ch.6 x48
Rem's Tale Ch.7 x38
Rem's Tale Ch.8 x34
Rem's Tale Ch.9 x20
Rem's Tale Ch.10 x24

Mellidopt Wing x11
Pulchridopt Wing x6
Emp Upgrade Item: 34

Salvage II
Namru's 2/5
Neit's 1/5

Beastman Seals: 142
Kindred Seals: 105
Kindred Crests: 1132
High-Kindred Crests: 857
S.Kindred Crest: 652
Legion Points: 55,430
Sparks of Eminence: 10,121
Nyzul Tokens: 65,324
Therion Ichor: 26,320
Cruor: 9,157,303
Traverser Stone: 988
Voidstones: 133
Bayld: 16,889
Mweya Plasm: 392,050

15 HP
15 MP
15 Max Merit Points

4 Str
12 Vit
14 Mnd
15 Chr

8 Dagger Skill
8 Sword Skill
8 Club Skill
8 Staff Skill
8 Evasion Skill
8 Parrying Skill

8 Enfeebling Magic
8 Dark Magic
8 Singing Skill
8 String Skill
8 Wind Instrument Skill
8 Geomancy Skill

5 Enmity Decrease
5 Spell Interruption Rate

05/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10

5 Exenterator
5 Shattersoul

Job Points:

1 Benediction Effect

10 Soul Voice Effect
10 Clarion Call Effect
10 Minne Effect
10 Minuet Effect
10 Pianissimo Effect
10 Song Accurancy Bonus
2 Tenuto Effect
8 Lullaby Duration

1 Blue Magic Point Bonus

6 Bolster Effect
2 Widened Compass Effect
1 Life Cycle Effect
5 Blaze of Glory
2 Magic Atk Bonus
3 Magic Acc Bonus

3/3 Lunar Abyssites
71 Total

Crimson Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
Indigo Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
Jade Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
White Stratum Abyssite Tier 6
Ashen Stratum Abyssite Tier 3
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
Amber Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
Total: 28

Coalition Ranks
Pioneer Advisor
Courier Legend
Inventor Partner
Mummer Petitioner
Peacekeeper Petitioner
Scout Petitioner

Alizarin Clear
Zaffre Clear
Celadon Clear
Russet Clear
Phlox Clear
Aster Clear

tldr& This is probably the most advanced bard ever posted for sale, not only is it decked with the 119carn/99durabla/99ghorn combo, but the R/EX is off the chart, all the proper gear sets, (GEARSWAP INCLUDED FOR BRD and GEO), Capped merits of course, but almost capped Job Points 70/80 Job Points on bard. This is the ultimate side-kick with all the highest end mage gear, Geo is super elite geared as well. Totally up to date with Delve and content with some of the rarest Mage R/EX gear around. Also has Ebisu rod and Shaper Shawl, ultra rare Taru Female

Bid Start $800 Buyout $1400

WU or Moneygram Payment, Paypal if rep allows.
I have 5 years history and 100% Postive feedback