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    WTS Gil & Items on [Ragnarok] and [Asura]

    Hi, I have started selling on Ragnarok & Asura, I can service other servers but the prices of the transfer will be on your end.

    With that being said, Here is what I offer:

    100% NA Farmed gil/items/etc

    -What this means is that there is an extremely small chance of you ever being banned or reported. In all my times selling gil and items I have never had a buyer banned. My accounts have been going strong for a while now and if you want you can examine them and see that their gear isn't your typical run of the mill sparks gear!

    -My prices on gil are always lower than the competition. Because chinese RMT specifically buy from players to sell to other players they have to mark up their gil so they make a profit, which is understandable. Me eliminating this middleman process makes it so that I can sell you your gil and items at a cheaper more affordable price. Don't believe me? Ask them for a quote then ask me!

    -Quick turn around time for item requests. If you ask for an item from me, I will tell you how much of it I have in stock, how much it will be, and how long I will take to get the rest if I don't already have it. With me having geared and well maintained characters on Ragnarok and Asura I'm able to procure items at a rapid rate.

    Examples of buyable items I can get for you:

    Dynamis currency, Alexandrite, Heavy Metal Plates, Riftcinder, Riftdross, H-P Bayld, Umbral marrow, Mulcibar's Scorcia & more.

    Buying items instead of gil saves you the hassle of going through bazaars or shouting to gather items from players and I do this for no extra cost!

    Empyrean Services

    -Please contact me for more information on this, I can do all the stages of empyreans for you if you require at affordable prices.

    Power leveling

    -I don't even need to log into your account! With the addition of sparks etc, I can just invite you to an exp party that I will make and you can level up whichever job you want while you're afk!
    -General pricing is $15 for 30-99 or $15 per day. Monthly and weekly rates are also available.
    -This is also a great way to get sparks for those annoying REM chapters or whatever else, average is about 50k sparks per 24 hour session, more if there's a record of eminence like EXP or seals going on!

    If you're interested in any of these services or anything else on Ragnarok or Asura, please let me know.

    with 100% feedback and over 8 years of experience on various game trading websites, I will do my best to assist you.

    Skype: hammerleague
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    WTS Gil Items on Ragnarok and Asura

    I did a scavenger hunt with my WoW guild way back when.

    If we do this as a community thing you /shout a list of items obtainableand tradeable from a certain zone and the first 1or2 people to turn them in to you gets a Gil prize.

    Or we could do one as a guild and can have a much larger list that needs to be found.

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    Do you still provide services?



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