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    At The Kent Charcuterie Company, we create luxury Vegan Graze Box and platters filled with delicious fresh local produce. The products we have selected are, where possible, local and seasonal and have been thoughtfully sourced from small independent businesses. We never compromise on quality.

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    EGS, welcome back! Looking forward to conducting business here and dropping this to introduce myself to anybody else I may have met on the old EGS edit. I'm not sure whether this is the appropriate topic for this, but I couldn't think of anywhere else. If you'd rather that I publish somewhere else, feel free to delete, admin.

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    One of the most prestigious awards in the barbershop industry is the British Barber of the Year, awarded annually by the British Hairdressing Awards. Other notable awards include the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) and the International Barber Awards, which recognize excellence in men's grooming and styling. Barbershops can also be recognized in local or regional awards, such as Best of City awards or community-based competitions. Winning these awards can help build a barbershop's reputation and attract new customers, as well as provide validation and recognition for the hard work and talent of the barbers and staff.

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    Yes I really appreciate your effort to share such information with us. It is a wonderful platform.

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