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    Ja sam online casino igrač. Zarađujem na tome, iako mi to nije glavni posao. Samo zarađivati ​​u slobodno vrijeme. Tko se želi pridružiti? Volim igrati poker, ali moram steći više prijatelja da bih to učinio. Odlučio sam potražiti one koji žele igrati kockarnice, rulet, poker, online kladionica

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    It is great to see the old forum back, the place where many a game was discussed and the place where many of us became friends. I'm glad you guys are all new from the ground. I'm also glad to see more players joining and more posts being made. I do agree that the community has come a long way since the golden days and it's not just in terms of number of posters. Back then, it was mostly about the cartoony games. Those were great, but the present day scenario is completely different. We have a lot of great games and a lot of potential and I hope we keep it up.

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    I really appreciate the kind of topics you post here. Thanks for sharing us a piece of great information that is actually helpful. CaptionMe

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    I am a marketing manager and content writer. My habits are daily learning new things and spreading them to others.
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    EGS, welcome back! Looking forward to conducting business here and dropping this to introduce myself to anyone else I may have met on the old EGS edit. I'm not sure whether this is the appropriate topic for this, but I couldn't think of anywhere else. If you'd rather that I post somewhere else, feel free to delete, admin.

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