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  1. Never exist a legit "ping booster" in Revelation Online

    There is no such thing as a legit "ping booster"

    If you want to lower your latency you have 2 options and 2 options ONLY. (this completely disregards improperly setting up your PC or installing...
  2. brings the best handmade Gold for Dark and Light

    The Dark and Light fantasy MMORPG has become very popular, and millions of players are hooked on to this game. Players constantly on the look out for new fantasy games can check out, one...
  3. Madden NFL Online Cheating Must Be Stopped

    I am sick of playing H2H UT games and watching players come out in the exact same formation on offense and defense every play and running the exact same 2-3 plays all game. They throw to the exact...
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    Albion Online Gathering & Crafting

    Since the start of the last beta a lot of the updates made gathering/crafting less importent. If you want to join a competetive guild the only question is what is your highest Tier of gear you can...
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    Any experience on any of these 3 models

    I want to buy a tablet and I've been wondering if there is any real possibilities of playing Albion Online Silver comfortably.

    Looking into the tablet world I've disguised 3 principal top tier...
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    Absolutely Best choice in Albion PVE

    I got 2 nature healers 6.5 and 1 Holy 5.4, 8.2, 8.3. and made quiet some PvP with them (GvG and others).
    Here are my thoughts about it:

    Holy :
    Absolutely Best choice in PVE (strongest mono...
  7. Riders of Icarus: the perfect strength +50 X3 version

    Players who believe the system is good as is have never played an amazing MMORPG. I looked for a good hour for Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold or close to correct stats for a sword on the AH and found...
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