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    who is Lost Ark Gold River

    You may be wondering who is Lost Ark Jin Ha? Keum Kang Sun, also known as Jin Ha in the community, is the game's director, although some in the community believe he is the executive director of Lost...
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    Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Up Tips

    Like in other MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV Online requires a decent amount of grinding for your character (in this case, your character’s jobs) to level up. While leveling up in the beginning of the game...
  3. How to Invest In An Apartment In Final Fantasy XIV

    There’s something charming about owning a little piece of a game you love. For Final Fantasy XIV players, nothing represents that charm better than joining the hunt for player housing. You get a...
  4. The Imbalance in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

    Since there are many more Horde players than Alliance players, the Burning Crusade Classic Battlegrounds won't work, but Blizzard could implement some solutions.

    If there's one thing that is...
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    Path Of Exile: Rituals Review

    Based on these recent statistics, it is clear that Path of Exile players are paying the price for the recently launched Rite of Passage league.

    We love statistics, especially when they are crazy,...
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