View Full Version : Hiroshi, Tinker, and Mark Made a Converse Shoe

Debra G. Goerin
06-28-2016, 01:17 AM
The powerful Nike HTM design collective has shifted its focus for an unprecedented collaboration with Converse All Star (http://www.allstarssale.uk.com/) on the brand's new Chuck Taylor All Star Modern silhouette.

The sneaker, debuted today at a media event in New York City, is an updated take on the classic hoops shoe, as the name suggests. The HTM versions come in all-white and all-black, respectively, with premium leather uppers. The HTM x Chuck Taylor All Star II (http://www.allstarssale.uk.com/) Moderns release at NikeLab locations.

The John Varvatos Converse (http://www.allstarssale.uk.com/) Modern uses Nike Hyperfuse, full-length phylon midsoles, and knit uppers.

These days, sneaker-related books are a dime a dozen, which is something of a gift and a curse. On one hand, there's more easily accessible information out there than ever before, which is great. At the same time, a lot of these publications only manage to scratch the surface, often regurgitating info that you've already heard dozens of times. That's why 1000 Converse All Star Womens (http://www.allstarssale.uk.com/) by Mathieu Le Maux is such a breath of fresh air.

Instead of emphasizing high-res photos (don't get it twisted, there's plenty of those too), 1000 Sneakers is all about the content, functioning as an encyclopedia of athletic footwear as we know it. The book covers the background behind the most important sneakers of our time, including stories like the birth of the Converse All Star Mens (http://www.allstarssale.uk.com/), Jesse Owens' controversial adidas shoes from the Berlin Olympics, and of course, the Air Jordan legacy.